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Emoji This ☔️ 🙃 🥑

The gender divide is real, and nowhere is it more pronounced than over the use of emojis. I should sa
True Tales of the Silver Fox
Emoji This ☔️ 🙃 🥑
By Rebecca Thomas • Issue #23 • View online
The gender divide is real, and nowhere is it more pronounced than over the use of emojis. I should say age and gender divide. Specifically men over forty seem to regard emojis as frivolous and silly. That young women were early adopters helped cast emojis as pointless from the get-go. A degradation of words and another nail in the coffin of scholarly discourse.
This is missing the point. Sometimes an emoji is the right language to communicate a feeling, something looser than a specific thought. Plus, it’s fun to see little pictures inserted here and there. The real question is, why do you hate fun?
As anyone who texts with me knows, I love emojis. They aren’t a replacement to language so much as another dimension to it. I write to people in English, sometimes throw in a little French, and sprinkle in emojis when the situation suits. Language is elastic, and the use of a picture to reply emotively rather than give a direct answer has a legitimate place in casual dialog.
Flirty, sexy texts are a natural for emojis. What lands better, seeing the words dick and balls or 🍆  🍒 ? Maybe you don’t want to hear about it either way, and that’s fine, I just won’t text with you.
I’ve had emoji use mansplained to me; apparently, my dry quips needed emojis so that it was understood I was joking. I thought the fact that we were dating would do that, my bad. Emojis as a laugh track.
There have been incredible advances in technology in the last few years, but the emoji replacement feature on my keyboard is the one I’m most impressed with. I suspect it’s also the feature that has made men use emojis more liberally. 
It gives me a secret thrill whenever a man my age uses emojis. A victory of teenage girls over popular culture.
Resistance is futile.

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