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Et Tu, Louis? 🤯

Woody Allen was transparent, at least to me. He’s made a career of constructing narratives that sell
True Tales of the Silver Fox
Et Tu, Louis? 🤯
By Rebecca Thomas • Issue #29 • View online
Woody Allen was transparent, at least to me. He’s made a career of constructing narratives that sell the idea of equitable relationships between older men and absurdly young women. A reimagining of his own life as fantasy, much of which came with painful consequences for the women involved. It wasn’t art, it was predation and agism made palatable through cinema with a dose of intellectual banter. 
“I like women women.” Louis C. K.
But, Louis C.K. felt like an ally. His comedy spoke to women about men, and men to women. One of my favorite bits was the one about the difference between girls and women. “When girls go wild they show their tits to people, when women go wild, they kill men, and drown their kids in a bathtub.” 
Has there ever been a sentence that more perfectly captured female rage? 
It felt like he understood us, and liked us anyway.
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Et Tu, Louis?
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