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(S)MOOCH-ES Y'all! 不

Truth: I spent my entire Friday night reading articles about the bonkers interview our new White Hous
True Tales of the Silver Fox
(S)MOOCH-ES Y'all! 不
By Rebecca Thomas • Issue #9 • View online
Truth: I spent my entire Friday night reading articles about the bonkers interview our new White House Communications Director gave the New Yorker. At one point I laughed so hard I fell off the couch. Specifically it was the Onions fact-checking of the Scaramucci interview (linked below).
Lets set aside for a moment our government being infiltrated by ridiculous, ham-brained [men], unapologetic, disdainful of Washington pieties, and bursting with reasonless confidence.The upside is that its a golden age for satire writing and sketch comedy.
His sign-off kiss to the media was perfect. As if the White House press corps was his personal posse of sycophants. In his insulated world, success in one areas implies the ability to maneuver anywhere. No training necessary.
Men like Scaramucci and I dont mix for a whole host of reasons, but the one I like is that we are oil and water. I consider it a point of pride that I am not an aspirational mate for these dimwits.
The few times one makes the mistake of approaching me, it is quickly rectified when I start speaking. Their confusion is understandable, sometimes I appear blonde in low light.
What I love about this interview is that this kind of man sounds exactly like I imagined. His master of the universe persona actually revealing a rudderless, boorish, amateur.
I am fascinated by the spectacle. Its a watershed moment in culture; our government representatives using autofellatio metaphors in an official capacity (then blaming the media for their ignorance of protocol).
Its also about how people reveal themselves, their transparent hubris. How delightfully easy it is to puncture that pomposity, and the opportunity to laugh myself off the sofa before I go ugly cry for Merica.
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Smooches Y'all!
Smooches Y'all!
Onion Fact Checks: Anthony Scaramuccis New Yorker Interview
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Stephen Takes A Front-Stab At Scaramucci's Phone Interview - YouTube
Stephen Takes A Front-Stab At Scaramucci's Phone Interview - YouTube
Rebecca Thomas is the O.G. silver fox. She is usually pursuing ten different projects at once, and always dreaming of whats next.
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