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The Lives of Women 💥

I'm a woman who likes and feels comfortable around men. It's hard to know if that is part of my genet
True Tales of the Silver Fox
The Lives of Women 💥
By Rebecca Thomas • Issue #3 • View online
I’m a woman who likes and feels comfortable around men. It’s hard to know if that is part of my genetic makeup or a product of being raised with two brothers and no sisters.
I count men among my closest friends. My happiest romances have been one’s where the gender divide receded. Women and men are different, but through curiosity and friendship, we can understand each other. 
Call me an idealist, but I think this understanding can change the world, support equality, and usher in a sane, modern version of romance. A world where beauty is a reflection of what women value in themselves.
Women’s stories are often relegated to appealing only to other women. How can this be? It’s thrilling to get a peek into another world. 
There is no single ‘lives of women’, and that’s the point. The lives we choose for ourselves are diverse and complex. The one’s we do not are hollow and disastrous.
Here are a few I found intriguing, weird, inspiring, and deeply sad.

“If you can’t see women — half the species — as human, you can’t see yourself as human.” 
Junot Diaz, pulitzer-winning author and excellent human
For Army Infantry’s 1st Women, Heavy Packs and the Weight of History - The New York Times
The Playful Provocations (and Erotic Kaftans) of the Lebanese Artist Huguette Caland - The New Yorker
America Made Me a Feminist
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Daniela, Portrait of My Mother -
11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida
Rebecca Thomas is co-owner @kybecca and the O.G. silver fox. You can check out her writing here.
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