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To Bail or Not To Bail? 😬

That is the question in 2017. I love the freedom of not having to get myself together. The prospect o
True Tales of the Silver Fox
To Bail or Not To Bail? 😬
By Rebecca Thomas • Issue #7 • View online
That is the question in 2017. 
I love the freedom of not having to get myself together. The prospect of selfishly roaming about my house doing whatever I like, tucking into bed early. 
One can hardly deny the incredible pleasure of telling the world to fuck off, slipping into comfy clothes and catching up on some Sneaky Pete. I’ll admit to a smoothie and stove-top popcorn for dinner too. Recounting it even now makes me a little giddy.
Until this past winter when I got two awful colds back to back. After nearly eighteen days alone in the house I was beside myself for company. Hey! Where is everybody? 😭
We’ve created living and working systems that make social contact something to be scheduled instead of a natural occurrence in the day. So, we opt for the path of least resistance which in my case is sprawling out of the couch.
In our happy to curl up at home, already over-scheduled world making plans can feel burdensome. Especially for events we are already inclined to feel so-so about (baby showers, I’m looking at you).  
Yet bearing witness to one another’s lives happens, well, in person. We have to show up and spend time to create those relationships. Even for the less fun events. That shared history brings a sense of continuity to our lives and an ease that can’t be replicated by finding new people. 
That realization won’t give you the quick dopamine hit of unexpected free time. It will solidify your place in the world with the deep comfort that only participating in relationships can bring. 

Me 👆🏽
Me 👆🏽
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Bailmitting: Making Plans Knowing You're Gonna Bail - YouTube
Bailmitting: Making Plans Knowing You're Gonna Bail - YouTube
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